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SCI Municipalities Total Surface Area
Surface within the region
Sierra del Vizcuerno Caspe and Alcañiz  2.541 ha 1.256 ha 


Habitats or species of interest: 

Featuring plants of interest, such as Boleum asperum, and striking geological formations such as palaeo-channels. This area is also a feeding ground for the Bonelli’s eagle and other birds of prey, such as the golden eagle, northern goshawk, Eurasian sparrowhawk and booted eagle, among others.


 sierra vizcuerno


Sierra del Vizcuerno Route: the cairn trail.

sierra vizcuerno 02

This route takes you to the highlands of the Sierra del Vizcuerno, from where you can make out the Ebro Valley as it cuts through Aragon, where the beauty and contrasts of the open lands are intertwined with the harsh reality of a land punished by extreme climatic conditions. In this space, however, you can find unique bird species that have adapted to the conditions of their habitat.

Download information from the guide Aves y Territorio. Un recorrido ornitológico por el Bajo Aragón (Birds and Region. A birdwatching visit to the Lower Aragon region).


Sierra del Vizcuerno SCI

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