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The Mas de las Matas Museum located in the building known as Casa Feliu, houses an important collection of marine fossils. Through the use of different interactive equipment, an illustrated journey through time is presented in relation to the process by which the exhibited finds were formed. In addition to prehistoric molluscs, the exhibit includes the process by which the volcanic rocks of the area were formed in a section devoted to the evolution of the Earth's crust. At the entrance, a “clock of history” provides a comparison between the times needed for these changes to occur and the human life cycle.

The museum in Mas de las Matas is associated with the Petrified Forest of Castellote, where palaeogeography reveals secrets that have been hidden for millions of years.  Dinosaurs and mammals coexisted there for 125 million years. You will discover a forest from the Carboniferous period, marine fossils and nearby excavation sites. 

You will learn that the position of the continents has not always been the same as it is now and that it has been changing over millions of years.

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