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An asssembly of festivals, traditions and deeply-rooted customs which celebrations people live with passion and pride.

The Greater Fesivities (Fiestas Mayores) are the most longed, participatory and eagerly awaited, especially by the younger crowd, with the announcements, the coronation of the Queens and Ladies and the processions in honor of the Patron Saints...

The Winter Festivities have a more local and intimate character, celebrated with more intensity and emotion due to its historical and traditional acts, in honor of t he Patrons.

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Celebrations such as San Antonio Abad (Saint Anthony) in Valdealgorfa, La Ginebrosa, Berge, Mas de las Matas, La Mata de los Olmos, Valmuel...; Saint Sebastian in Castelserás and Alcorisa; Saint Agatha in La Cañada de Verich and Los Olmos; Conversion of Saint Paul in Foz Calanda where fire is the central element; or, commemorations of historical events such as the Representation of the Town Carter in belmonte de San José and the Return of the Commander in Mas de las Matas.

Alcorisa's Town Commemoration, The expiration of the dragon in Alcañiz, the "Garland" dance in Los Olmos, Aragon Front Recreations...

Among other traditional events with historical and folkloric roots we can highlight: "Los Rosarieros" in Castelserás and Torrecilla; "La Llega" in Mata de los Olmos; "Los Rosconet" in La Ginebrosa; "The Mochiganga" in Mas de las Matas...

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