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Interpretive Centre for the Guerrilla Movement in La Cerollera

guerrilla cerollera

The importance of guerilla activity in La Cerollera and its surrounding area was the reason behind this permanent exhibition space. The presence of guerillas in La Cerollera was reported from January 1945, although it was in 1947 when Ángel Fuertes, chief of the 17 Guerilla Association for Levant and Aragon (AGLA), set up his headquarters in La Cerollera and a camp and training base for guerilla fighters. ClickHERE to download the brochure and for more information.

Visiting hours: The centre is open on Saturdays from 11am to 1pm from 13 June to 10 October, inclusive. At other times, an appointment can be made to visit the centre by calling +34 978 856 075 or +34 608 716 696. For more information, click HERE  


Olive oil mill - La Cañada de Verich

The old olive oil mill in this town has been restored to create a museum dedicated to explaining the process used to make olive oil and the history of local oil production.

This old mill, which was in operation until 1982, has two features of great interest; a hydraulic press dating from the early 20th century – still in working order –and the remnants of a press dating from the 17th century, which was found during restoration of the building.

More information and visits +34 978 892537


Interpretiven Centre Medieval Urban Planning – La Ginebrosa

Visits +34 978-892 546


Olive Oil mill - Jaganta

The old olive oil mill. Visits
+34 978-723 072 // +34 664-41 40 01


Cave paintings of Val del Charco del Agua Amarga - Alcañiz

Cave paintings included on the UNESCO World Heritage list.
+34 978 831 231


Miguel Pellicer House Museum- Calanda

Religious about Calanda Miracle - Visits
+34 978 846 524


Loscos and Pardo Sastrón - Castelserás

Botanic Interpretive Centre - Visits
+34 978 831 104


Visitation House - Alcañiz

Ethnological Museum
+34 666 401 144


Exhibition Room Antonio García Briz - Torrevelilla

Ethnological Exposition, decorated room 19th Century
Visits +34 978 852 462

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