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SCI Municipalities Total Surface Area Surfache within the region
Saladas de Alcañiz  Alcañiz  651 ha 651 ha 
Saladas de Calanda Calanda 33 ha 33 ha


Habitats or species of interest: 

Endorheic salt lakes of great importance in Spain, where diverse endemic species of plants, such as Halopeplis amplexicaulis and Microcnemun coralloides, and different species of wildlife typical of semi-arid areas can be found.

saladas alcaniz calanda


Visit to the Estanca de Alcañiz and Saladas de Alcañiz

This complex of endorheic salt lakes is considered one of the most important on the Iberian Peninsula, although today it coexists with an area of irrigated farmland created in recent years through public programmes for new irrigation works. This has led to the development of new environments and crops associated with irrigation, and a reduction in the dry land area, with only 650 ha remaining, surrounded by newly-created irrigated farmland.

Despite this, the area covered by the SCI still offers a satisfactory wildlife experience, including the opportunity to view birds typical of salt pans and semi-arid areas.


saladas alcaniz

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The Saladas of Alcañiz and Calanda SCIs 

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